Audition Notice – HUMANZOO – Hamilton Fringe Festival           April 11, 2014



Production title: 911 by Jakob Ehman

Director: Jakob Ehman

Submission deadline: April 25th

Audition dates: May 4th, 5th

Date job starts:  There will be a workshop of the script at a TBD date with the final cast and promotional work for the show will begin immediately and will involve all actors, but a minimum time commitment is required until rehearsals begin.

Rehearsal Dates: Late June – July 16th

Performance dates: July 17-27

Contract type: Profit Share

Contact Info (send submissions here):

Contact Name: G. Kyle Shields (but you can call me Garry if you want)

Company website:

Actors selected for an audition will be sent sides from the script.


NOTE: Rehearsals will take place at a location (possibly multiple) TBD, with performances and tech in Hamilton. Accommodation during the festival will be provided by the company.




Who’s phone is this?
Why did they call 911?
Why did they then, moments later, throw said phone at my vehicle?
Was it from a balcony?
The mystery phone?
The mystery dick?
My name is Micker and this is my buddy Ari.
We have a lot of questions…
We’re pretty fucking perplexed.
This is:
A mystery. A whodunnit. Or rather…
Who dun what?


Character descriptions as written by the Playwright:


*The roles of Ari, Mick, and Maddox have been cast


Riley: Male. Very little is known about this guy. In his late 20s maybe? Supposedly he’s a photographer, or at least he seems to take a lot of photographs at concerts and dance clubs. Conversely, I’ve heard rumours of him being either an unreliable drug dealer or an Internet pimp. (E-Pimp) I’ve never found him on Facebook, but he’s definitely the type to “creep” around on there, not that he “seems” overtly creepy. Everything I’ve heard is always quite contradictory to my previous knowledge of him, some say he’s quite quiet and gentle, maybe a bit manipulative, others say he’s a loudmouthed asshole with a reputation for inappropriate advances towards girls who are possibly not fair game for someone over the age of 18, both in real life and on the internet. (E-Dick) Makes me curious about what I’d find if I had access to his photo library… I’m sure he has an excessively complicated password with a lot of numbers. For the most part, he sounds like someone I wouldn’t like.


Flo: Female, 25-35. She’s a musician, though I don’t think she’d like that word as a descriptor for her, the word is a bit too lame for her, she’s cooler than that. I’d certainly say she’s attractive and quite edgy… maybe a bit selfish. She lives in Hamilton, and I’m sure she’d remark that to be rather regrettable. She’s the type you’d meet at a Queen West bar (Trendy Toronto) and be too intimidated to talk to, or at least I would be. She’s the type to possibly have a lot of tattoos, piercings and or an aggressive haircut/colour. I heard she makes her music with synthesizers and loop pedals, but I’ve been known to be wrong about those types of things. She writes songs that make you think they are about you, and she sometimes gets a little carried away with the drugs and the booze, no judgments. She’s always been bigger than where she was, destined for something more…and she usually gets what she wants, one way or another. I really shouldn’t say anything more about her, she wouldn’t like being talked about in this way.

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